Hours this weekend – you’ll be shocked!

Friday 6p to midnight
Saturday 6p to midnight

Quick reminder: this is not Button Mash, so if you’re looking for our friends Button Mash, then go to Button Mash. Please do not come to Pins and Needles and then get mad that you aren’t at Button Mash :)

PNN is a garage with old pinball machines, no bar, no amenities, no services. You can’t order food and you can’t order servers around — there aren’t any! If you want to rip on some old pins, you *might* like PNN (no promises). There’s a bill changer & of course you can use the restrooms.

NO FILM/PHOTO SHOOTS! I don’t care who you are or what you’re selling, you’ll have to find another location. PNN is for pinball playin’ only. You can hang out at PNN all night playing old pinballs if you want, and maybe meet some pinhead friends! PNN is one of the last places on earth where pinball isn’t for rich white squares. It doesn’t suit the taste of everyone of course, but at least it ain’t square ✌️ Thank you everyone for your six years of support (!!!!!)

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One comment on “Hours this weekend – you’ll be shocked!
  1. kris says:

    hi Molly,
    Are you open tomorrow or this weekend, and if so, the usual hours?


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