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Pinball hours for the week–

Hey there folks! Here are the hours this week: Tuesday 8p to midnight (League night, crowded, good night t meet the local pin-stars) Thursday 8p to midnight (usually pretty quiet, great night for casual play and practice) Friday 8p to

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Hiya pin-nuts! So it’s Saturday and I here noon-4p and 8p to midnight! I have a couple of games down (Alien Poker, Scorpion, Gold Wings) so I’ve been a little quiet over here, tinkering, but c’mon by if you feel

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Pin-hours of the week, plus a new video link!

Howdy pinball fanatics! I’m back from my whirlwind Zapcon to Pinburgh tourney tour, what a blast! Zapcon was a brilliant first effort over in Phoenix, they put together a fantastic show and I can’t wait for the next one. Pinburgh

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Well, sorry guys and gals, but I’m going to have to close up Pins and Needles for the week. I’m out of town and apparently a bunch of issues have come up with the games, so it’s best that the

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Howdy Pins and Needlers!

Hey there. I’m in the sky! I’m flying to Pinburgh, the biggest pinball tourney ever. So Pins and Needles is on light duty with some of the guys helping out with reduced hours this week. Tuesday 8p to midnight (no

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Hours this week

Thurs 8p to midnight Fri 8p to midnight Sat 8p to midnight Short and sweet! Come flip.

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