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INDISC weekend hours for all my friends

Hello you weirdos! Let’s get some flips on, shall we? Thursday 8pm to midnight Friday 8pm to midnight Saturday 8pm to midnight And hit up Jim Belsito’s famous It Never Drains in SoCal pinball tourney out in San Dimas, Fri-Sat-Sun!

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Thurs, Fri, Sat 8p-midnight! I’m getting some other games ready to bring over, so do get ready for that. Also go to Arcade Expo this weekend, see ya there!

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Hours for the week

Hello! Pins and Needles will be open: Thurs 8pm-midnight Fri 8pm-midnight Sat 8pm-midnight Thank you very much!

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Happy 2015!

Howdy friends! Jan 1 8p to midnight Jan 2 8p to midnight Jan 3 8p to midnight Bringing some new games over soon, so go enjoy these ones while you can!

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