Pins and Needles has one of the most unique collections of pinball machines in the country. We carry a great collection of fun late ’70s / early ’80s pins, some early electro-mechanicals, and also some of the best modern games around. Scope our machine list here (the line-up often rotates).

Pins and Needles is located within a giant band practice building in Echo Park. The doors to the building are nearly always open, and our proprietress, Molly, has set up some pins in the lobby.

Pins and Needles is generally open in the evenings. One sure way to make sure it’s open is to email or text Molly.

Pins and Needles is available for private events! Birthdays, graduation parties, whatever.

Contact Info

323 313 9449

1623 Allesandro St
Los Angeles, CA 90026

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Parking info: The building has a large parking lot. But many of the spots have stacked parking. If you park behind someone, you MUST slip a note under their windshield wiper with your number on it, in case they need you to move your car. There’s also plenty of free street parking!



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