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Pinball pinball pinball, it never stops

Hours this week: Thursday 9/26 8p to midnight Friday 9/27 8p to midnight Saturday 9/28 8p to midnight Can’t do any day hours this weekend, sorry! Too busy right now and I’m going up north Sunday morning. I’ve been getting

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Pinball Schedule!

So here’s the score this week, dudes and dudettes: Tuesday – 8p to midnight. We have a new League season starting and Tuesdays are going to be terribly crowded for a while! I should probably just close up on Tuesdays

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Pinball and More Pinball — Sunday added to the schedule!

Hey there chums, thanks for checking in! Hours this week: Thursday 8p to midnight Friday 8p to midnight Saturday 8p to midnight AND Sunday 6p to 10p Last week I said maybe I’d open Sunday but the response seemed tepid,

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Back from Portland! Let us flip!

So I just drove 2000+ miles to pick up a game that I ended up deciding against when I got my eyes on it. Over two thousand miles! Idiot! Anyway I was slightly bummed about the outcome of the trip,

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