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Pinball pinball pinball

Yes! Christmas is over so we can get back to the pinball. This week: Thursday 8pm-midnight Friday 8pm-midnight Saturday TBD TBD TBD (write me if you want to come saturday) Thank you! Hope yinz all had fine holidays so far!

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LAPL Season Results & This week’s pinball hours UPDATED

Boy howdy! Lots of exciting pinball action happening in LA these days! I’d like to congratulate our LAPL Season 15 champs: A Division- 1) Travis LaBrel 2) molly 3) Joey “Multibaldwin” Baldwin B Division- 1) Joey SoftBlankets 2) Josh Frontino

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Pinball hours!

Howdy folks! Here are our hours this week. I’ve been hearing a lot about how people are “confused” by my hours; I apologize for that but I’ve run the place for going on four years now with essentially the same

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Pinball hours this week

Thursday 8pm-midnight Friday 8pm-midnight Saturday 8pm-midnight It’s pretty dang cold! So if the roll-down door to the outside isn’t open just come in Bedrock’s front door and come back the hall. Follow the chime sounds! Thank you

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