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Thanksgiving Pinball

Howdy! Lots of folks asking about the schedule this week, seems there’s quite a bit of buzz about pinball going on. Here’s our schedule: Tues 8p-midnight – (League Season 15 starts, though anyone is welcome to come in and play,

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Uh oh! Rain schedule

Crap guys! I’ve had my eye on the weather here, and there’s still too much “chance of storms” happening tonight to open up shop. On almost every day of the year, having the whole wall opened up to the outside

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Your pinballing for the week

Hiya kiddos! I have multiple items of interest to share. First off my phone crapped out, so for the “hey are you open?” texters in my midst…that plan won’t work until Asurion comes through. We live in an Internet-free home,

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Pinball hours at PNN

Hiya! Thursday 8p to midnight Friday 8p to midnight Saturday 8p to midnight Thanks! I’m getting a ton of emails about holiday party rentals, the spaces for which are extremely limited. I don’t really plan on closing up shop much

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