Greetings pinheads!

Well howdy! Been awhile. I hope everyone is doing well.

Hours this week:

Thursday 6p to midnight
Friday 6p to midnight
Saturday 6p to midnight

Notice we added Thursday back! In theory we will also be adding Sunday back and dare I say even Monday nights very soon. People are asking about another league/tourney thing starting back up — we will have to see about that! I’m a pretty busy dude.

PLEASE remember, no private events, no film shoots, & no we are not a bar. Pins and Needles is a cement garage with old pinballs to play and that’s it. I know people want a fancier website and a big social media presence and a cheerful staff catering to your every move, but that is not what you get at Pins and Needles! If you want to rip some old games on the cheap (or free) in a mellow divey setting yaaaayyyy come sit by me. If you’re a high maintenance grump honestly, please, just move along :) Thanks kiddos, flip away!

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2 comments on “Greetings pinheads!
  1. bob says:

    Awesome. I’ll be there on frontier!

  2. Ashley! says:

    Awesome Molly! Definitely going to swing by, it’s been too long. Psyched.

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