UGH! Last minute closure (just for tonight)

Guys, sorry…I can’t open PNN in this rain! The games get soaked. I have too many games in the room, so unfortunately there’s no space for folks if I have to keep the door closed. I’m the worst! Sorry sorry sorry. The chill and the precipitation make for sort of a crap pinball experience anyway.

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4 comments on “UGH! Last minute closure (just for tonight)
  1. Evil Tim says:

    What’s the word for Saturday afternoon Miss Molly? Pinball machines need companionship too?

    • Molls says:

      No Saturday afternoon today; I’m going to the massive-waste-of-time auction. Just gettin’ in the car now & I won’t be back in time for day-ball!

  2. Evan Robins says:

    Hey PNN Blog,

    I am a local nerd in the competitive Tetris scene and a friend of mine mentioned that he ran into you in Portland (Or Seattle) recently and he kind of turned me on to your warehouse/arcade because of the meeting. As a pinball enthusiast I’m incredibly stoked..and also was planning to have a low-key B-day pinball playing event with a few homies this Saturday the 16th in the evening if possible. (If you’re open of course..and there aren’t many of us so don’t open up just for us) … So I have been waiting patiently for the blog to update with hours so I can alert my crew but it has yet to happen. Any news? Also…just to tell everyone how many quarters to bring….Are you set up for quarter play or token play and what is the standard cost per game on the bulk of your machines? Thanks! Hope all is well..


    • molly says:

      Hi sorry, just saw this. The blog is updated every Tuesday. No machines over $.50, many are $.25, some are free. PLEASE keep your party small if you’re coming in on a weekend; there are fees for having parties there. I don’t mind a small group skipping out on rental fees but it’s sort of turning into a problem because the space is so small…if you have a larger group email pinsandneedlesla@gmail to workout further details. Thank you!

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