Hours this weekend – you’ll be shocked!

Friday 6p to midnight
Saturday 6p to midnight

Quick reminder: this is not Button Mash, so if you’re looking for our friends Button Mash, then go to Button Mash. Please do not come to Pins and Needles and then get mad that you aren’t at Button Mash :)

PNN is a garage with old pinball machines, no bar, no amenities, no services. You can’t order food and you can’t order servers around — there aren’t any! If you want to rip on some old pins, you *might* like PNN (no promises). There’s a bill changer & of course you can use the restrooms.

NO FILM/PHOTO SHOOTS! I don’t care who you are or what you’re selling, you’ll have to find another location. PNN is for pinball playin’ only. You can hang out at PNN all night playing old pinballs if you want, and maybe meet some pinhead friends! PNN is one of the last places on earth where pinball isn’t for rich white squares. It doesn’t suit the taste of everyone of course, but at least it ain’t square ✌️ Thank you everyone for your six years of support (!!!!!)

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Fri 6p to midnight
Sat 6p to midnight

OR go out to Banning for Arcade Expo! :)

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HNY pinheads!

Hello! Welcome to 2016. If you’re looking to play some cheap/free old pinball machines in a chilly garage this weekend, boy are you in luck! Because you can do that at PNN Friday 6p to midnight, OR Saturday 6pm to midnight! Or even both.

If you’re looking for a bar, new games, video games, retail doodads, snacks, hip gear, a film location, or overbearing customer service, do just pass us right on by :) PNN is not for you! Toodles!

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Hello pinheads

Howdy friendos. Hope things are good! PNN is open Fri Sat (6p to midnight) and Sun (2p to 6p) this weekend. I am putting in some new games and changing some things around in there. It is a fun time for local pinball. Thank you.

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PNN is closed Thurs/Sun this weekend!

Fri/Sat only this week, 6p to midnight!

Everyone be cool. Thank you.

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Scratch that! Open 6pm to midnight tonight (Saturday)

Title says it all 👌👍✌️

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Brief PNN closure :)

Sorry guys and gals, no hours this weekend! We are going through some changes at PNN (good ones!) that involve both game turnover & personnel turnover. Plus I have Dodger tickets lol, and I’m leaving for Expo soon.

I don’t think this ruffles anyone’s feathers all that much, but I do apologize if this screws up any pinball plans! There’s more pin in town every day now, so I’m sure y’all can find something to flip on :) The lobby games are available if by chance you’re after some Cybernaut or Spanish Eyes & we will get everything moved around and ironed out next week!

Thank you and keep flipping. Go Dodgers!

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Hiya folks! Lots of great pinball news in town, golly! What a time!

I took a little break to get married & go on a honeymoon and am just returning this week; Justin has been holding the fort down for us & great thanks to him for doing so.

The hours this week are Thurs Fri Sat 6p to midnight & Sun noon 2p to 6p.

Again a reminder! Pins and Needles is a small garage with old pinball machines inside ONLY. Just a lil wee place. The games are either free, a quarter, or maybe 50 cents…there’s nothing else there & that will not change! If you are looking for an arcade or barcade PLEASE, just pass us on by. Or if you’re a big yelper type lol PLEASE just do us all a solid and don’t waste anyone’s time :) This is not a servicey fancy joint, it’s a small pet project and certainly not for everyone! Thank you for understanding :)

Once I’m back we will get back to the women’s league and a fuller schedule. Some real boss ladies have been in touch lately about playing pinball and it seems like something cool will come of it on those Wednesdays we discussed! Stand by for more details on that & get in touch if you’re interested!


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Pinball Hours

Hiya friends!

Hours this week:
Monday 6p to midnight
Thurs 6p to midnight
Fri 6p to midnight
Sat 6p to midnight
Sun 2p to 6p

Thank you and enjoy your pinball!

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PNN hours for the week!

Heya kiddos!

Thank you everyone for the continued support! It’s great to see all of the burgeoning interest in pinball around town recently :) We are always happy to have pinheads old and new dropping by!

Just a reminder: PNN IS JUST OLD PINBALL MACHINES IN A GARAGE! It is not a bar, and you can not get lil tee shirts and stickers and merch. Pins and Needles has old pinball machines only, nothing else. I have explained this hundreds of times and still, people are always coming by all pissed off that it is not some huge arcade bar lol…I do not know how to get these people to not waste their time! Please — if you are looking for a bar, go somewhere else! If you want to play Dance Dance Revolution and Street Fighter, this is not the place. If you don’t understand how to walk down a hallway in a warehouse type space, you will not enjoy PNN at all. If you want an attendant to coo all over you for coming in, I’d drive on by. If you’re a big Yelper….I think you can see where I’m going with this 😉


Onto our hours!

Sun 2p-6p (this is working out pretty well, I think this will be standard)

Mon 6p-midnight (tourneys start at 8, also standard)

Tues closed

Weds closed (only this week! Sorry, I have a prior engagement! Back to regular Women’s night next Weds!)

Thurs 6p-midnight (standard)

Fri 6p-midnight (standard)

Sat 6p-midnight (standard)

We’re looking to get a Monday night League regularized but we want to keep it pretty small. Anyone interested can contact me but frankly this weekend I’m going to be a-ragin’ up north at California Extreme while out boy Justin keeps the ship afloat here in LA! ✌️

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