PNN plans

How now! I have a lot going on pinball wise, moving games around and setting up a couple new locations, and I need to rearrange the lineup as well. It’s due for a refresher. Rob needs a break too! Too much pinball haha!

So I’m going to close up shop for a month or so, take care of some storage issues, tackle a backlog of slightly annoying projects, CLEAN, and reset things at the shop. We will not be hosting our regular hours during this period, however I will be in there a lot — if you get a hankering to flip, feel free to check in or set up a time, the door is semi open & my phone number is *too* easy to find. If you’re curious about the inner workings of the games and want to have a look inside, now’s the time, I have a lot of overdue repairs and while I’m not a great educator, it’s fun to show others what’s going on under the hood :)

Thanks for your continued support and patience (eight + years now!) and I also wanted to thank Rob Whang for all his recent help as I pursue my other wacky pinball endeavors. We might sneak in a couple parties or events in May, but we will NOT be opening on the regular schedule as we did through winter! Fuller schedule starting in June! Thank you

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Friday closure 😬

Greetings pinheads! We have an illness in our midst and that means you have to satisfy your pinball needs elsewhere this eve! I’d suggest Button Mash nearby or 82 downtown — nice that we finally have options 🙌 We are closed tonight (Friday) but hope to be reopened for regular Saturday hours (6p to midnight).

For everyone’s info: regular hours are Friday & Saturday 6p to midnight. This seems very hard for some of y’all to understand! Friday & Saturday from 6pm to midnight — very easy. We add to the hours in the summer!

Thank you and flippity flip

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Rain closure!

Folks no PNN tonight! It’s bad in the rain. Tonight you’ll have to either go to Family Arcade or play fancyball — those are your only pinball choices! If there’s no rain tomorrow (Saturday) then normal hours (6p to midnight) and of course, as always, fuck Donald Trump!

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Saturday only this week!!

Hi nerds, something came up so I’m closin ‘er up this Friday night! I try not to do that much, but special occasions pop up.

PNN is open Saturday only this weekend, 6p to midnight! Once the weather dries up we can get some more pinball hours going on 👌 Thank you kindly for the eight years of support 😘

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HNY folks

Another year is here. Whoopty do!

Friday 6p-midnight
Saturday 6p-midnight

We have: no private events, no film shoots, no bar, no shirts or other random retail crap, no frills. PNN has old pinball machines and that’s it! If you want that barcade vibe — this place is NOT for you :) Thank you & happy flipping wherever your flipping takes you

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Weekend closure

Hiya friendo! PNN is closed up this weekend so our people can tend to other things, some pinball related and some not. The “holidays” have arrived yet again and sometimes that means doing other stuff. Neato 😘 Back to regular hours (6p to midnight Fri & Sat) next week!

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PNN closed tonight, sorry!!!

Everyone is sick :( I’m down south doing a charity event so — no PNN tonight! Go to 82 or Button Mash ✌️

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PNN Autumn Update — local pinball news and more!

Howdy friends! Hopefully everyone’s doing well since our last update in…June. I know some people get real bent out of shape that Pins and Needles doesn’t keep up with shoving ourselves down everyone’s throat advertising wise, in fact we do just the opposite! 👌 If you are looking for amenities, fancy drinks, retail crap and servicey service along with your pinball — there and now several pinball locations in LA looking to serve you and your friends! Everybody wins :)

Eight years ago, it was not this way. Eight years ago, when we began putting PNN together there wasn’t really one functional pinball machine out in public within an hour; while pinball used to have a strong presence in public, and it cost but a coin or two to enjoy, it is now more of a luxury collectors item and this means the games are under lock and key at nerd homes :( BUT. Location pinball does seem to have caught a second wind (though many might argue it’s a third wind, a fourth wind, etc). Now there are dozens and dozens of nice pinball machines all over town with more people buying them up, fixing them up, and operating them on location for others up enjoy…and that, my friends, was THE whole point of PNN. Get games out. Get them into the public. Get people playing. Not just monied nerds!

So what is PNN now? What’s the objective? It doesn’t have the $100k worth of showstopper games, it isn’t very dressed up or hip, it doesn’t maintain a cloying social media presence, and the new wave of pinball fanatics in town, for the most part, doesn’t know it exists. We don’t want film shoots. We don’t stand around pointing cameras at ourselves begging people to watch our streams. We do not even ask you for money — come in and play for free!

So — for anyone who cares or feels confused, or feels the need to pontificate your speculations, yada yada, that’s the scheme here. I love pinball, and I gathered up a bunch of pinball machines, and I cleaned them up and put them in a funky spot, so folks like you and me can enjoy them. It’s not real complicated. Look around at the barcade trend, and at collector trends, and at what the remaining pinball manufacturers have going on — pinball went from being such a cool thing to being some dipshitty rich man’s playground in a matter of, like, two years. If you have a lotta loot? I’m sure it doesn’t matter. But for me it matters.

Sorry so wordy! But people have been more and more aggro with their inquiries lately, more and more rude and pushy regarding “wtf our schedule is”, plenty of people have pinball shit-mouth these days and that’s just how it is. So. Folks. Pins and Needles doesn’t want your film shoots, your private parties, the “exposure” you’re offering, or even your money. Thank you but no. We want to stick around offering casual, fun pinball in a somewhat unique setting for those that might wander by and wonder what’s up. If you’re a self described pinball die-hard, if you’re really into Yelp, or if you just go out looking to bitch and moan — we WILL accept you at PNN but you are not really who I’m aiming to please.

I know! All so uncustomary and “hipster”, what a C, I have heard it all. I apologize if you are upset because PNN confuses you and it isn’t run how you like, but — there are jussssst enough cool people left in the world that a tiny hole in the wall shithole pinball place can hang on like PNN — and it works, and no I am not going to change.

Thank you! If you want to be on the list for our underground league/tourneys just ask 😉

BLAH BLAH BLAH! Friday 6p-Midnight, Saturday is Bedrocktoberfest (so if you want to come in Saturday look that up!)

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Hi! Hours :)

Thursday 6p to midnight
Friday 6p to midnight
Saturday 6p to midnight WITH AN AMAZING JASORKA PARTY — everyone come have a flip!

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Uh oh! Quick change in hours

Thurs: NO HOURS!! :( Sorry
Fri: 6p to midnight
Sat: 6p to midnight


Thank you, I love you, keep flipping!

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