Go play some pinball, friends! PNN is open today from noon-5p and also 8p-midnight. Bitchcraft is the best, go get your shopping out of the way!!

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Thursday 8pm-midnight
Friday 8pm-midnight
Saturday 8pm-midnight

Thanks flippers! XO

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Hours this week, short and sweet:
Thursday 8pm-midnight
Friday 8pm-midnight
Saturday 8pm-midnight
Thank you and enjoy your flips! -Molly

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Halloween hours!

Howdy troublemakers! Go play some pinball this weekend in your costumes, that’s about as fun as it gets! My gal Kate is back in town, and she’s in Thursday Friday and Saturday from 8p to midnight. Go party! Just no drinks on the games, you ghouls!

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Pinball hours for the weekend (10/24-10/26)

Hi friends, I’m back in town! This weekend I’ve run into a staffing issue over at pnn; all my dear help is traveling, ill, etc & I need to be at my other job. So I can’t open up Friday but good old SoftBlankets WILL be in to cover Saturday night (8p-midnight).

Also, there’s a big tourney over at 82 Sunday at 4p to support POP Pinball Charity. $10 gets you a tourney entry, free beer, and a chance at some world ranking points! (Sunday 4pm)

Thank you and sorry I’ve been a little off the map for a couple weeks; I have a ton of work going on and while I do try to stay on top of it all, PNN just doesn’t have the staff to open full time just now. I’m working on it!

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PNN – Pins and Plans ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Howdy do, pin buds! Hope you’re enjoying the heat! Just kidding, this sucks.

So we’re closing up! Don’t get too excited though ;) as it’s just to prepare for Bedrocktoberfest this coming weekend. Once again Pins and Needles will host some magic and music, and it’s a lot of fun so you should think about coming over to rock out and have a flip.

I’m also going to be closed the following week for some rearranging. I’m going to work with Bedrock to get Pins and Needles opened up on a daily basis, from 6p-midnight. That’s good for you because yay more pinball! That’s good for me because yay I can get a break from my damn cell phone. Guys I only like doing pinball stuff; I HATE being on the phone and sitting around emailing…I’m horrible at those things. If we’re open daily then I can spend less time seeming really bitchy on the phone! Haha

I’m having some storage problems! I’m hoarding too many games so I’m going to get rid of a few from the shop and also several from my storage units. Any interested parties can HMU at pinsandneedlesla@gmail.com.

Thank you everyone & I hope to see you when we do Reopening #37 on the 28th of September :)

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Labor Day CLOSED

Hey there chums, just a quick note to let y’all know I’m going to keep her closed up tonight! A day off? No! I just need to get in for some repairs that have fallen to the wayside. But no shop hours.

So no PNN tonight; you can try Family or the boastful Casa de Carlos guys :)

I see that some people have trouble determining the hours at Pins and Needles, as I don’t update the website all that much. That…won’t change; I am old and I figure anyone with a brain can extrapolate from the earlier posts that the hours are standard barring holidays. Mon Weds Fri Sat 8p-midnight! Same hours every week. I suppose I could sit and type it out every week but I’m a little busy for that, and I have faith that you all have the drive and intelligence in ya to figure this stuff out! And if you can’t, HMU via text or email.

Thanks all! Keep up the good flips and see ya Wednesday!


Oh and lol at people afraid to come to 90026 because “it’s sketchy”…good lord

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Sorry folks, but no Pins and Needles tonight! We’ve got some illnesses floating around and a star employee out of town, so I don’t have anyone to cover the shop tonight without the risk of a flu outbreak. As always there are 6 games to enjoy in the lobby for your enjoyment, but no shop tonight. My most sincere apologies, and back to the regular schedule Friday!

The schedule, by the way is:

Monday 8pm-midnight
Wednesday 8pm-midnight (just not tonight because…vomiting)
Friday 8pm-midnight
Saturday 8pm-midnight

Sorry again about tonight but trust me…it’s for the best.

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PNN is doing a Bangback! This Friday!

Party time! It’s party time! Folks I know, I said it’d only be a couple of weeks that I’d close up, but life and a new job got the better of me for a few months there. So PNN had a rather unexpected and lengthy hiatus. I figured y’all could handle it! And right I was. Thank you very much for being supportive and cool about it, and even if you’re have been pounding me with impatient emails and phone calls (that went largely ignored) let’s just put it all in the past and at some pinball.

Pins and Needles is set to reopen this Friday at 8 & boy are we excited! There are some new titles in the lineup, and there’s a big mural on the wall, but other than that not much has changed! It’s a garage full of old pinball games. It’s not a bar, it’s not all that fancy, just a bare bones pinball destination filled with rescued pinballs that I shaped up for you to enjoy.

The new schedule:
Mon 8pm-midnight
Weds 8pm-midnight
Fri 8pm-midnight
Sat 8p-midnight

Thanks again folks, now let’s flip!

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Thank you Los Angeles!

Well friends, it’s that time! This is the last week to swing by and play pinball at Pins and Needles as we know it. This weekend a bunch of games go to the new spot and I have to close up PNN for a couple weeks. Bedrock and I are working out a plan for a repurposing of the space, and it will be operating on a new schedule soon, details to follow!

As for fundraising this weekend, we did great! We raised $1100, over double what I was expecting, so a huge thank you to everyone who participated! Barry Oursler is a fabulous pinball designer who brought many of us so much joy over the years, creating such favorites as PinBot, Dr. Who, Comet, Gorgar, Jungle Lord, Bad Cats…the list goes on and on. Barry has cancer, and his wife Donna is also ill, so a call was put out to the international pinball community. There are dozens and dozens of events set up to fundraise for him in at least five countries, and it’s been truly wonderful to see the response! SoCal hosted two events this weekend and they were both really fun–what’s better than having fun helping people out?! Nothing! We had folks in from the Bay Area, San Diego…even a guy from Stockholm joined us! Thank you everyone :)

As for this week:

Tuesday: 8p-Midnight (no League, open tourneys all night!)
Thursday: 8p-Midnight (same deal!)
Friday: 8pm-Midnight (bring your sweetie & we can run a split flipper tourney)
Saturday: 8p-Midnight (I will probably be a little sad and possibly a little drunk)

It’s cheesy, but running Pins and Needles has been such a great adventure for me, and the support of you dear locals allowed me to live a dream that was…I mean let’s face it…it was ridiculous. It wasn’t that long ago that we’d wander around LA only to find the remaining arcades had all but abandoned pinball. Now there are nice games popping up all over the place! Barcades are opening, auctions are bustling, and location pinball is getting more popular by the day! Anyway my scheme was way harebrained, but somehow it has worked out. And that’s not because of me at all…it’s your support that put me here. About to make pinball my full time job!

So come on by this week and give the ol’ games another flip before they go, if you’d like. We have the Dr. Who in too this week; c’mon over and try an Oursler favorite! The quarter machine is filled to the max and calling your name. Grab a friend, bring your camera, I don’t care, just no drinks on the games.

Thank you LA!

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