The PNN videos

You guys, people write me a lot asking about how to find the Pins and Needles videos. I’m really not an on-camera person, but I thought I’d pony ’em up so y’all can have a good laugh at my terribly nerdy and awkward expense.

Zoe’s Passenger vid:
Greg’s OBEY vid:

They’re shot at the old location, which no longer exists; I’m in the smaller space now. But here you can get a little glimpse into how I got myself into this pinball mess, etc, shot by the pros. I warn you, I’m frightfully dorky.

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2 comments on “The PNN videos
  1. Jay says:

    If I have to consider you nerdy and awkward, how the fuck am I going to describe the rest of the pinball folks I’ve had the fortune—or in some cases misfortune—of getting to know?

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