Thanksgiving Pinball

Howdy! Lots of folks asking about the schedule this week, seems there’s quite a bit of buzz about pinball going on.

Here’s our schedule:

Tues 8p-midnight – (League Season 15 starts, though anyone is welcome to come in and play, just don’t get all huffy if it’s crowded, it makes you look like a nut)
Thurs – I’m going to be camping out in front of The Pinball Store to access those sweet doorbuster deals haha
Friday – 7p-midnight
Saturday – 7p-midnight

Notice I’m opening an hour early Friday and Saturday! People have been asking me about daytime hours but I’m working during most of the days right now but I will be in at least a little earlier this weekend.

Thank you and enjoy the holiday! Also remember it’s cold at PNN so wear something warm.

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