PNN weekly hours, plus some info regarding private events.

Thurs 8p to midnight

Friday 8p to midnight

Saturday 8p to midnight

Thank you for your support, and come take some flips!

Rant part:

This keeps happening and it has to stop. People write or call inquiring about private events, and if the shop is available I give them the details. Then they say “okay, thank you, we’re not interested and we’re going to look around!”…that’s great for me, because I like not closing off the space to other interested pinheads. Pins and Needles is here only to serve the purpose of providing pinball games for the public to play. However now people say they don’t want to have their party here but do it anyway.

Anyone is free to come in with a small group of people and play all you want, any time I’m open. What you can NOT do is invite forty people in, who then stand around clogging the place up, chit chatting and blocking all the games, spilling booze everywhere, and acting rude to those of us who are here to play. I need to make special arrangements with my building to host events, it costs money, etc.

I had some lady write asking if she could rent the spot last Friday last minute. She had no money for the rental, so I explained to her that as long as she didn’t take advantage of us, she could bring her small party in and I’d overlook the rental fees, so long as everyone was informed that it’s not a free for all party place…they could come, play, and enjoy themselves so long as they were enjoying the games. Well, I suppose I should’ve seen it coming, but this woman shows up with dozens upon dozens of her friends. Nice enough people, but WAY too big of a group for me to have in without making prior arrangements with Bedrock. No one played more than one or two games of pinball, they just clumped drunkenly in the middle of the room, blabbing away. When I tried to pinpoint the woman having the birthday, everyone said “we aren’t here at a party, we don’t know who you mean”…which I guess is what they were warned to say by their “gracious” host.

If you pull this move, the same thing will happen to you that happened at this party. Lights come on, games go off, and you all move on to whatever hipster bar you like. Once I’m satisfied that you’re gone, the lights go back off, the games go back on, and we proceed as normal. Yes, everyone at that party said some snide bitchy comment to me on their way out, cute! I don’t care. Some of her friends kept slurring about “how much business I was losing” haha, so stupid. FOR THE RECORD! I’D RATHER HAVE THREE PEOPLE IN THE SHOP PLAYING PINBALL THAN FIFTY PEOPLE STANDING AROUND TALKNG ABOUT INDUSTRY CRAP. I thought this was obvious, but sadly it’s not. Did I tell everyone being asked to leave that it was because their birthday girl was too cheap and disorganized to set up a proper event? No, I just let them say shitty stuff to me and kept smiling!

If you’d like to book a party, there are a lot of options; I always prefer that it be on a closed night, but other arrangements can be made. If you want to bring a small group to celebrate, great! I can get out a table for your cake! But if you run into brick walls trying to plan a cheapo spot for your drunko birthday get-together and think you can just waltz in here unnoticed…LOL. Nope!

That concludes that! Thank you for your time.



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One comment on “PNN weekly hours, plus some info regarding private events.
  1. rom says:

    Quality rant, Molly! You make great points. It sucks that you have to take all that crap from people. And nice job booting out dozens of people – it doesn’t sound easy.

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