PNN is doing a Bangback! This Friday!

Party time! It’s party time! Folks I know, I said it’d only be a couple of weeks that I’d close up, but life and a new job got the better of me for a few months there. So PNN had a rather unexpected and lengthy hiatus. I figured y’all could handle it! And right I was. Thank you very much for being supportive and cool about it, and even if you’re have been pounding me with impatient emails and phone calls (that went largely ignored) let’s just put it all in the past and at some pinball.

Pins and Needles is set to reopen this Friday at 8 & boy are we excited! There are some new titles in the lineup, and there’s a big mural on the wall, but other than that not much has changed! It’s a garage full of old pinball games. It’s not a bar, it’s not all that fancy, just a bare bones pinball destination filled with rescued pinballs that I shaped up for you to enjoy.

The new schedule:
Mon 8pm-midnight
Weds 8pm-midnight
Fri 8pm-midnight
Sat 8p-midnight

Thanks again folks, now let’s flip!

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2 comments on “PNN is doing a Bangback! This Friday!
  1. BOB says:

    I missed out hopefully open this weekend

  2. Ed says:

    YES! I’m glad to hear you are back. 82 is great and all but i can’t stand the crowd when all i want to do is play pinball(also waiting outside for 20 mins sucks) we’ll definitely try and go this weekend if your open

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