PNN hours: Week of June 3-9

Good afternoon, Los Angeles pinball folk! Thank you all again for visiting this weekend.

Since people have been asking, I thought I’d list some hours for the week. I’m in the shop tonight from 6-10p, and the same tomorrow and Thursday. That’s: Mon Tues Thurs 6p-10p!

Please understand that Pins and Needles isn’t really open yet! The proper power circuits aren’t yet installed, the walls are bare, and I’m working out the pitches and leveling of the games as well as maintenance issues that pop up. I need help! Do let me know if, say, a game “eats” a quarter! Grab me if a switch is stuck, or a bulb is out. There was a pin-tech at the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas named Hippie, heck of a guy, and he had this great story about “a Canadian” who kept bugging him by complaining about a hair on the playfield that was interfering with his play. Well, I’ll tell you straight up: I’ll even remove playfield hairs! I REALLY want the games to be dialed in, so speak up if you think a game needs help!

I might run a little mini-tournament tomorrow night (Tuesday) if anyone is interested? League Season is right around the corner, remember! Might want to brush up on your head-to-head!

I’m picking up Grand Prix this week, too.

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5 comments on “PNN hours: Week of June 3-9
  1. Christopher Amarillas says:


    I absolutely love the place, I could care less if the walls aren’t shiny and pretty- those games are so well maintained, it’s a pinball paradise in LA!

    I’ll be by all this week with a fresh pocket of quarters!

  2. mnine says:

    yes this is a great place. tron is my drugs.

  3. Brendt Rioux says:

    This is great news. A friend told me that the place was no more and I was very sad. But I see you’re just sprucing up. Very good news.

    I may in a position to rescue a beat-up non-working SUSPENSE machine from 1969. It’s nearby in West Los Angeles. If it is destined for the trash, would you be interested in adopting it? Just a thought. My place of work may be junking it, and there’s nothing sadder than a broken pinball machine. I’d like to fix it up myself, but know nothing compared to you, and wouldn’t know where to turn, as I don’t have a fortune to sink into restoration, etc.


    • molly says:

      I love rescuing games destined for the dump! Broken pinballs ARE sad. I keep saying “no more project tables” but let’s face it: I’m an addict. If you’d like, I’d be happy to take a look. Nothing pleases me more than adopting a sad ol’ game and offering it up for play to my loyal pinheads!

  4. Brendt Rioux says:

    That’s what I hoped to hear. I’ll do my best to rescue it now that a potential home is in mind. Will keep you posted, Saint Molly of the silver ball.

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