PINS AND NEEDLES! News-y update!

Ah, chums. Thanks for all of the pinball support and enthusiasm. There have been so many nice people coming in and enjoying the games; pinball culture is as vibrant and alive as ever here in LA!

Guys and gals, our construction is FINALLY happening! Starting Thursday, July 26th, the pins go dark for a week or so. Conveniently this will happen during California Extreme, so I’m hitting the road with several LA Pinball Leaguers to cut loose for a faraway pinball experience. Join us!

Once the location is powered up properly, we can have proper events, tournaments, and some rock and roll happenings like never before! I can decorate! I can breathe! And I can focus on Needling.

Johnny Mnemonic joined the flock, so do come in for a Yakuza Strike while the iron is hot! Picked up a pretty Pat Hand EM this week, too; after a li’l shopping out, we’ll have yet another Electromechanical toy to call our very own.

If you need your pin-fix, come and get it this week! After our brief closure, there will be changes afoot, so come see ‘er during this ‘tweener phase. You don’t want to miss out!

Thanks again, kiddos!

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