Pinball times! Big week!

Ok, first off I got sick Saturday and since it was quiet I left around 10:30. All of a sudden my sorta sore throat turned to a sweating/chills/stomach thing and I actually didn’t get out of bed for several days. Anyway, I feel way bad about folks who may have come by that night, so if you happen to be one of these people PLEASE let me know & I will beg you back with quarters on the house. Sorry! Sorry.

As for this week, it’s a big one! Lots going on!

Tuesday 8pm-midnight. League Night! CROWDED.
Thursday 8pm-midnight. Thursday would be a very good night to come by. I won’t tell you why, I just have a feeling it’s going to be a very fun night.
Friday 8pm-midnight. Regular Friday! C’mon for a flip to start your weekend!
Saturday 8pm-midnight. Saturday we are having an art show! We’re so lucky to have local comic book star Michael Jasorka’s wonderful new pinball-inspired drawings going up I can hardly stand it! There will be amazing works adorning the walls, mini-tourneys, and if you know Jasorka you know it’ll be as much fun as can be jammed into the room! He’s the best, don’t miss it! Show starts at nine.

Thanks folks! Let’s flip!

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