Pinball is back!

Welcome back, friends! Pins and Needles has a snazzy new paint job, and it’s time to get back to flippin’!

Hours this weekend:

Friday 8p to midnight
Saturday 8p to midnight

Things are moved around and I suppose there’s a bit of a mess, but no mind. Let’s play!

Email for further info. Thanks, as always, for your patience!

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9 comments on “Pinball is back!
  1. Victor Weston says:

    Is pins and needles open to anyone on friday and saturday night, or do you have to join a club or know somebody? As an avid pinball player and collector I would like to check it out sometime. Thanks.

  2. Doc says:

    I’m sad I missed the weekend hours. Any chance of league play tonight?

    Thanks Molly!


    • molly says:

      Whooooooopsie, I just saw this, sorry! C’mon by tonight, or for League on Tuesday if you’re so inclined. I post the hours I’ll be in the shop weekly here on the site in the blog section.

  3. Victor Weston says:

    Went there friday night for the first time. Kinda a different setup than I expected. Played some pins I haven’t played in years(or ever). I knew no one there so was not the most social person. Surprised by the number of girls there compared to guys. My girlfriend seemed a little jealous of all the taller women. She’s not big on pinball. When it comes to pinball, I’m not only a nudger but a mover and shaker. I think I got warned once or twice. Was that the owner Molly? Kinda messed up my rhythm. Pinball should be tilted every once and awhile imho. P.S. Don’t leave old em pinball machines outide in the rain. Thanks for the experience. Would like to come back again sometime and erase all those high scores with a little more practice. Overall, a nice experience.

    • molly says:

      Hi, yeah, if you have to bash the games like you were as part of your “rhythm” then go play 1) your own games or 2) someone else’s games; that is completely disrespectful and unacceptable. Games you’d play were left 15″ away from where they started; you’re lucky we didn’t ask you to leave. Wanton disregard for game construction and maintenance does NOT make you a better player. On that note, no one was “leaving EMs outside in the rain”; we moved it inside as soon as the mist started, but thanks. Sorry your girlfriend had such a dreadful time, she did seem really mad!

  4. Victor Weston says:

    No disrespect intended, I didn’t even here you say anything directed at me, I was concentrating on the game. My girlfriend mentioned it to me later. The newer stern’s looser tilt warnings are more conducive to being bumped and slid around a little(bashing was a bit strong of a word) and it has become second nature. There are times with Stern games that a nudge is just not gonna save the ball so you do the bump slide(TM).I have much less experience with the older games so I have to make a concerted effort to only nudge softly, which I was afraid to do later on. Nudging is part of the game just like the occassional tilt in an arcade setting where games are not on free play ususally. I’m not sure what your stance is on nudging since your setup is sorta a hybrid Arcade/hangout. Anyway, there are few places in L.A. to play pinball, and I respect your efforts to keep it going and will respect the house rules. Sorry for any disrespect. P.S. The girlfriend insisted I take her with me.

    • molly says:

      Newer Sterns don’t have looser tilt warnings, tilt settings are variable by game. I’m not sure where you’re playing all these games that don’t tilt. Anyway, yes, I know that nudging is an important facet to controlled play, but you were just jerking the games around and pulling them all over the place. On a floor like mine, that takes them out of level and then I have to listen to all the idiots on yelp bashing me for not knowing how to set my games up. A good measure for “am I nudging too much” is…are you saving balls? Is everyone in the room stopping to stare at me? Is the game a foot or more away from where I was when I started?

      Tilty folks generally don’t own/maintain games. They don’t care about how much work goes into keeping the delicate electronics working, and they don’t feel bad about smashing a 40 year old piece of equipment into another one to avoid a drain. I get that, and I try not to yell at people and embarrass them about it. I try and let people come in and just do their thing. I get people insult me every day for not having Medieval Madness, Theater of Magic, Addams Family, and Kiss and just having “junk D titles”. I can handle it. But don’t treat them like junk, please; they’re my kids. Pick up a book about pinball maintenance or take a peek inside an open pinball cab, and try and justify your “rhythm”; you’ll never get better if your entire focus is on how hard you can hit.

      I suppose the best that’ll come of this is a) you’ll come back and we can shake hands and start over. Introduce yourself! Everyone says I’m a craaaaaaaaazy bitch, but I’m just awkward and poorly socialized. If i weren’t a little nutty, there’d be no Pins and Needles. And b) I hope people see your claim that PNN is jamming with enviable tall women; that oughta’ bring me a quarter or two!

  5. Victor Weston says:

    Cool. For the record I currently own and maintain/repair 4 pins. Sold off a few others over the years. Nudging is probabaly my biggest weakness that I have to work on. Forgot to mention, a couple of those bumps on the Genesis was because the ball got hung up on a rubber post near the upper part of the playfield.

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