Pinball hours!

Howdy folks! Here are our hours this week. I’ve been hearing a lot about how people are “confused” by my hours; I apologize for that but I’ve run the place for going on four years now with essentially the same schedule, haha, so hopefully this’ll help!

Tuesday 8p-midnight
Thursday 8p-midnight
Friday 8p-midnight
Saturday 8p-midnight

Now remember, it’s cold! So sometimes we do pull the big door down and to get to the pinballs you must enter through Bedrock’s South-facing main entrance. Is this ideal? No. Do I wish it were warmer? Yes. I gotta work with what I have though, and that’s a chilly garage. So I just play like mad til my hands get warm and you should too!

Thanks everyone for flipping at PNN! Maybe see ya this week.


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