Pinball hours for the weekend (10/24-10/26)

Hi friends, I’m back in town! This weekend I’ve run into a staffing issue over at pnn; all my dear help is traveling, ill, etc & I need to be at my other job. So I can’t open up Friday but good old SoftBlankets WILL be in to cover Saturday night (8p-midnight).

Also, there’s a big tourney over at 82 Sunday at 4p to support POP Pinball Charity. $10 gets you a tourney entry, free beer, and a chance at some world ranking points! (Sunday 4pm)

Thank you and sorry I’ve been a little off the map for a couple weeks; I have a ton of work going on and while I do try to stay on top of it all, PNN just doesn’t have the staff to open full time just now. I’m working on it!

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3 comments on “Pinball hours for the weekend (10/24-10/26)
  1. Jethro Popek says:

    Dear Molly – Wednesday 10/29
    I overheard and then read you were in need
    of some possible help at PNN to keep it opened and
    watched over.
    Wondering if I could help in anyway.
    My name is Jed (aka Jethro) age 40
    used to manage Dream Machine Arcade in Oneonta NY
    and have been associated with ROBOT CITY GAMES Binghampton NY
    and BARCADE in Williamsburg NYCity

    I’m nearby. Easy to train and have references.
    Keep in touch. Would love to help out….

    PS: Love 82 barcade and what they’ve been up to!!!

    • Molly says:

      Hello! Sure, I’m always looking for help. Please email me at pinsandneedlesla@ and we can figure something out.

      • jethro says:

        Dear molly. Sunday

        No sorry. Just got your reply n the other email address i was supposed to use. Hope the halloween weekend was a success. Keep in touch

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