Hours, League, and another Video of me blathering

Pin folk! How goes it?

I’m at PNN this week:

Tues 8p to midnight – League Night – all are welcome but it’s crowded!
Thurs 8p to midnight (if it isn’t too cold) – always quiet on Thursdays and since it’s been so cold, I have closed up a bit early here and there so text me first, eh?
Friday 8p to midnight
Saturday 8p to midnight

C’mon by!

League Nights are more crowded than ever! For the time being, anyone can come in Tuesdays but that might have to change; it’s becoming difficult to move about the small, small room. We still have three slots available for League membership, so show up before 9p this eve if you want in…it’s your last chance!

Finally, here’s another short video of me talking to Cool Hunting. Nice guys! My language is a little NSFW but, hey, we’re all adults here. vimeo.com/57247225 I’m really uncomfortable on camera, but I also throw a couple zingers in there for your enjoyment.

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4 comments on “Hours, League, and another Video of me blathering
  1. Kevin Stone says:

    Loved the video, thought you did great. Especially the zingers : )

  2. Tim says:

    Found you via http://gizmodo.com/5977505/welcome-to-pins-and-needles-the-coolest-warehouse-pinball-arcade.

    I watched your video and love your enthusiasm for pinball. Spent many hours and quarters at arcades growing up and miss the environment.

    You look very natural on camera and brought a smile to my face.

    Cheers from Canada.

  3. Diego says:

    Found you via Gizmodo too, sorry for mi english, i am from Argentina
    You have an amazing place, i wish I was there¡¡
    The best of luck to you, and thanks for Bring me back my childhood¡¡¡

  4. Seth says:

    I found you on Yelp, desperately looking for somewhere to play pinball in LA. I can’t wait to come down on Thursday!

    PS – your video is awesome.

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