Changing it up! PNN hours this week featuring SATURDAY DAYTIME!

Hello all you crazazzy pinheads, hello hello.

Here’s the schedule this week:

Tuesday 8p to midnight (but that was yesterday)
Thursday 8p to midnight (bring your valentine! trust me they’ll either love it or stare at their phone the whole time)
Friday 8p to midnight
Saturday NOON-4PM. There’s a private event in the shop on Saturday night so I’m going to experiment with some daytime hours. If folks show, I’ll do it more often…last time was pretty underwhelming, but hey.

It’s been chilly! Don’t forget a jacket! I have some new titles in there, too. Fun fun fun.


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3 comments on “Changing it up! PNN hours this week featuring SATURDAY DAYTIME!
  1. Evil Tim says:

    Machine list needs to be updated. Molly, any others not on this list? I will be there Saturday afternoon! Need to get the word out about Saturday!! YAAAA!!! 😀

    Alien Poker
    Black Rose
    Future Spa
    Gold Wings
    Grand Prix
    Hollywood Heat
    Jungle Queen
    Laser War
    Monte Carlo (Premier)
    Sing Along
    Spanish Eyes
    White Water

  2. Caitlyn says:

    I hope you’re open Thursday the 21st! I hope to visit while on vacation in the area. I neeeeeed some time at the Future Spa.

  3. molly says:

    Tim I’ll ask my website guy to update the list! Sorry, I don’t know how to do that, haha. Your lineup is right I think, except Flash had to go on vacation. Caitlyn, yep I’ll be here!

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