Back from Portland! Let us flip!

So I just drove 2000+ miles to pick up a game that I ended up deciding against when I got my eyes on it. Over two thousand miles! Idiot! Anyway I was slightly bummed about the outcome of the trip, so I took it nice and easy down the coast. Couldn’t open last night, which makes me all the more pumped for tonight!

There is so much pinball in Portland that it just drives me nuts! Good folks up there too; it was a blast. I also got to dip into Blairally in Eugene, that place is BOSS! Then I cruised through SF and finally got to check out Free Gold Watch…so many good games there too!

Your weekend hours:
Friday 8p to midnight
Saturday 8p to midnight
Sunday bug me if you want hours! I’m still too tired to decide.

Thanks very much!


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2 comments on “Back from Portland! Let us flip!
  1. gene x says:

    Damn missed ya while you came through SF – glad you hit up Free Gold Watch!

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