----------Los Angeles "Pins and Needles" Pin Golf OFFICIAL RULES-------------


-Players will be put in groups of 4. Each player plays for the target score indicated on the score card. The number of balls played to reach the target score will be counted as "Strokes"

-Each game will count as one hole played. When the group is done on a hole it will move on down to the next one. Each round will be 9 games (holes)

-The 9 games will be a mix of DMD, SS & EM

-There is a course maximum of 7 Pin-Strokes per Pin-Hole. Should you not reach the Target Score after playing six balls, record a score of 7 and move on to the next Pin-Hole.

-It may take multiple games to reach the Target Score. In this case, any additional games played will be added to the score accumulated from previous games.

-If a player earns an extra ball, this will not be counted as an additional Pin-Stroke, but rather as a continuation of the current ball being played.

-Player delays- Since this is a one day tournament we need to keep things moving. Please stay close to the tournament area during rounds. Any player that is not at the game when it is their turn will have their ball plunged after 3 minutes which will count as a stroke.

-If a player passes the Target Score and continues to play subsequent balls of that game, those additional balls will be counted as additional
Pin-Strokes on that Pin-Hole. Please keep things moving by stopping play once target score achieved and letting the other players play their balls.

-The player with the lowest score at a Pin-Hole takes the honor of playing first on the following Pin-Hole. The competitor with the second lowest score plays next and so on. If two or more competitors have the same score at a Pin-Hole, the play in the same order as the previous Pin-Hole.

-Scores are cumulative for all rounds.

-Round 1- at the end of round 1 (9 holes) the top 24 players with the fewest strokes qualify for round 2.

-Round 2- Machine target scores will increase. The top 24 players will play 9 holes. After round 2 the top 12 players with the fewest total strokes from round 1 & 2 will qualify for the final round.

-Final Round- Machine target scores will increase. The maximum stroke per hole will increase to 10. The top 12 remaining players will play for the title. Players will be grouped according to seed so the players in the lead will be playing the ones closest to catching them.

-Anyone caught cheating will be bounced from the Tourney. Everyone is expected to be on their best behaivor.

-Tilting someone elses ball will result in a one stroke penalty for the offender. The player whose ball was tilted will wait until their turn is up again and play with 1 stroke subtracted from their score.

-Slam tilting a game in progress will result in a 3 stroke penalty. A second offense will result in a disqualification from the tournament.

-Bang backs and death saves are not allowed.

-playing someone elses ball (playing out of turn) Will result in a 1 stroke penalty



Prize pool will consist of 95% of the entry fees. The top 4 players will split the prize pool:

1st place- 50%
2nd place- 25%
3rd place- 15%
4th place- 10%

Everyone who enters is eligable for WPPR points (www.pinballrankings.com)

Tournament Machine List:

Black Rose
World cup '94
White Water
Mousin Around
Star Trek
Harlem Globetrotters
Fire Power
Jungle Queen
Surf Champ


Solar City
Roller Games

Mini Tournaments:

Satellite Pinball- Bram Stokers Dracula

Hollywood Shuffle- Hollywood Heat (Bottom flippers reversed)

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