Your pinballing for the week

Hiya kiddos! I have multiple items of interest to share.

First off my phone crapped out, so for the “hey are you open?” texters in my midst…that plan won’t work until Asurion comes through. We live in an Internet-free home, also. Like the early 90s. So I’m essentially off the map. Just bear with me.

As for our schedule this week, we have:

Tuesday (League Night) 8p to midnight. It’s very, very crowded during League, and it’s not too much fun to come in that night if you aren’t a League participant. I’m not saying you can’t come in on Tuesdays as a non-League player, but if you DO take the Tuesday route, come in with an open mind and a lot of patience.

Thursday 8p to midnight. It’s always dead on Thursdays! Come in on Thursday!
Friday 8p to midnight. It’s hit or miss. Some Fridays are sad and sagebrushy, others are bustling.

Saturday is TBD; there are several pinball events happening in SoCal and I have to see how it shakes out. If you want to play Saturday email me at I might do some Sundaying too if you hit me up!

Thank you all for your continued support. Come flip!

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2 comments on “Your pinballing for the week
  1. Tom says:

    What pinball events? Are they public?

  2. Molls says:

    I should’ve mentioned! Jim is having his Pinball at the Lake tourney in Riverside (Lake Alice Trading Co.); I believe there are a few spots left open for that. Then at night, there’s Casey’s Save the Cave party which I believe is also open to the public and Googleable. Email me if you need contact info for either one! Lastly there’s a private pinball fundraiser at a location in Pasadena, but that one is not your standard walk-in.

    Pins and Needles WILL be open, though, 8p-midnight. Thank you SoftBlankets!

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