Weekend hours & thanks to our League friends!

Since so many of you are asking, here are the PNN hours for the rest of the week:

Thursday 6p to 10p

Friday 7p to midnight

Saturday 7p to midnight

I don’t have plans to come in Sunday, but if there’s enough demand, I’ll take an arm-twisting and come in for at least a couple hours…

We had our pre-League meetup last night, and I thought it was great fun! A warm welcome to our new friends, and as always it’s delightful to see the old faces. Because it was a prep week, attendance was a little lax, but it was a whole lot of fun watching everyone getting to know each other. I saw some good pinball, too! Thanks to everyone that came out.

Construction update: yesterday Bedrock sent in a brand spankin’ new electrical crew to assess the space and our needs. I’m tired of waiting for the old crew to come back. They’re putting together a bid that’ll hopefully speed up the process a bit (& of course be affordable) which will step us much further toward being ready to open properly. I can’t wait until we have consistent enough voltage to prevent Black Rose from resetting! I want some decent lighting! I want to put some art on the walls! Patience, though. Gotta be patient.

As always, feel free to email pinsandneedlesla@gmail.com for inquiries, suggestions, and anything else pinball-related on your mind! Thanks, pin-guys and pin-gals!

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2 comments on “Weekend hours & thanks to our League friends!
  1. gloomrider says:

    How crowded does it get? Would love to see some pictures of busy times to judge if it’s worth the drive…

    • molly says:

      It does not get crowded; it technically isn’t open yet. If it’s a crowd you’re after; I’d save yourself the trip!

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