Uh oh! Rain schedule

Crap guys! I’ve had my eye on the weather here, and there’s still too much “chance of storms” happening tonight to open up shop. On almost every day of the year, having the whole wall opened up to the outside is a treat; on rainy nights it’s a huge drag. If it were showers, it’d be one thing, but storms? No, none of us want to be in there if a storm starts and rain comes pouring down and I get to fretting. If you’ve ever been around me when I’m truly freaking out, you’ll surely attest to it not being conducive to a fun night, haha.

So it’s terrible, but I gotta keep ‘er locked tonight to protect the games and…it’s also to protect you! Suppose the obvious question is why not just keep the door closed. There are games that are in various states of repair filling the floor so you can’t access the playable games unless I move everything outside.

Tomorrow I’ll go in and move everything so we can definitely have a weekend of pinball; I don’t have the help tonight!

This week’s hours:
Tuesday – Tuesday is over! But it was 8pm-midnight
Thursday – Rained out unless there’s a major shift in the weather report
Friday – 8p to midnight
Saturday – 8p to midnight

Thanks! Sorry about tonight. It’s Thursday though, no one ever comes in on Thursdays!

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