This week’s hours & thank you for partying

Oh man, so much fun last night! Thanks to everyone who came out. Mondays are my new favorite night at PNN :)

This week (June 28-July 4) our schedule is as follows:

Sun 2pm to 6p
Mon 6pm to midnight
Tues CLOSED (sorry we had a miscommunication, we do plan on opening Tuesdays)
Thurs 6pm to midnight
Fri 6pm to midnight
Sat CLOSED for holiday

We are very close to being open every day which will be sweet. I don’t have anyone who can do Tuesdays right now (also a ton of local pinheads are at 82 for League that night) so we are working that out.

As for the Women’s Night thing, that is a hot button issue in gaming at large and also in the pinball community. Pinball is historically a “men’s arena” so while there aren’t necessarily any physical disadvantages for women playing, and women are actually kicking ass in pinball everywhere now, many cities have witnessed success in elevating their number of female playership by hosting women-specific events.

I’m not interested in having the same gender politics discussion about it that I’ve had (on both sides) thousands of times…I’m not trying to create an artificial gender bias. No one is “trying to take pinball away from men” lol.
It’s a fun & safe environment designed quite frankly to counter the “all male” stereotype that plagues (plagued?) the hobby, and it is undeniably successful in many other cities. So I’m going to try it here too. Will it just be me standing there alone playing Future Spa? Probably at first :) But I’m going to work with the idea for a few months and see where it goes.

Thanks a lot folks for supporting your ol’ pinball hellhole, see you on the tables! 💯

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5 comments on “This week’s hours & thank you for partying
  1. Nathan S says:

    I like your pinball place called Pins and Needles. Thank you for having people over at it for playing pinball. Nice job on having a pinball place.

  2. molly says:

    Thank you Nathan, I sincerely appreciate that! #hobowen

  3. Kelly M says:

    Recently moved to Highland Park and glad to have this nearby. Very excited about the girls night, am planning to bring a few friends by next week!

  4. Jessie says:

    We are moving to LA from Seattle and are pumped to find this place, and to see there is a Ladies night in the works! Thanks for trying it out–you’ll see us there soon :)

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