Thank you, LA Pinheads!

Good show this weekend! Thank you very much to all the fine friendly flippers who came through Pins and Needles. I was shocked to see so many new faces in the mix; it turns out there’s a tremendous core of silverball enthusiasts in LA, one that’s apparently been burgeoning right beneath my very nose! I thought maybe a dozen or so folks might come through; I’m pretty accustomed to sitting in my roomful of games all alone wondering why no one wants to play. It was indeed a pleasant surprise to see see all that pinthusiasm. Pardon my punthusiasm!

Did the weekend go off without a hitch? Of course not! It’s pinball. That melty smell on Friday night was unpleasant (blown bumper coil on Scorpion that took forever to pinpoint) but at least we figured it out. My quarter stash was abysmal, too; I do apologize….I was gainfully unprepared for makin’ change. Both of my dollar bill changers went the way of the dodo within 24 hours, which did not help. Considering the level of banging around my games received recently, though, I think it went pretty well!

I travel out of town a lot for pinball-related events, and everywhere I go people ask why I live in a “non-pinball city”. BS! Those days have come and gone, friends. The pin spirit in LA is strong, and only getting stronger from what I see. Great work everyone, and thanks again. Let’s celebrate with some evening pin tonight? I’ll be there at 6p.

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