Saturday only this week!!

Hi nerds, something came up so I’m closin ‘er up this Friday night! I try not to do that much, but special occasions pop up.

PNN is open Saturday only this weekend, 6p to midnight! Once the weather dries up we can get some more pinball hours going on 👌 Thank you kindly for the eight years of support 😘

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One comment on “Saturday only this week!!
  1. Mike Townsend says:

    Hi there. My good friend Wade Krause who you might know gave me your name. I would love to check out your pinball machines. I was looking here on your blog and did not see hours. Is there anyway you can give me your hours to come in? Or do I need to make an appointment. Also, do you allow photography?

    I do have a large background in pinball machines and every time I get to see a machine I like to take a picture of it. Part of my love for the game. No pun intended.

    Anyway, thank you for your time

    Mike Townsend

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