Pre-League Meetup tonight!

Why, hello! Just a quick reminder regarding our little pre-league-season get-together this evening (Tuesday). Doors at 6p, sign-in by 8, and we’ll have everyone into brackets and playing by 8:30p. It’ll be very casual, no dues, just a “getting the feet wet” run-through for new people/reunion for our veteran players. Attendance will be pretty light, as many Leaguers have already said they can’t make it in this week; feel free to bring a friend along!

And I touched on this yesterday, but I have to reiterate. Pins and Needles is not ready to have kids in, so PLEASE do not bring your children in yet. I try and be as nice about it as I can, but every parent gets mad and says “oh MY kids are different” and seems put off, often while their kids are banging away on my drum set or climbing the rifle game in the corner. Again, please please please, do NOT bring your kids in until the move is complete and the construction is out of the way! Sorry to seem like a pill about it.

Thanks everyone, see you tonight!

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