PNN weekly hours and more!

Thanks, LA pinheads, for another terrific flippin’ weekend. We had so many nice visitors in here, lots of friendly out-of-towners, too! Idaho! Denmark! Even Portland sent us a few! Your support is much appreciated.

This week, I’m going to be around a good bit. Unemployed freelancer that I am, there’s nowhere I’d rather be than my shop, where’s always work to be done. Keith and I, just this morning, de-acid-damaged Scorpion, dropped a new board into Galaxy, and FINALLY resurrected Bram Stoker from the dead (ahem, again). Bram Stoker is relatively well known as a buggy pest to operate, and if she doesn’t cooperate THIS time, you’ll likely find ‘er on Craigslist sooner than later.

M: 6p to 10p (should be quiet, I’m not usually here on Mondays)
Tu: 6p to 10p (we’re having a pre-league meetup so it ought to be bustling)
Th: 6p to 10 p
Weekend hours TBD (feel free to email me if you want to come Friday or Saturday; I’ll definitely be in one night of the two, or both if there’s demand.

Two side notes: Number one, a lot of folks have been contacting me about booking private events at PNN. Apologies, but we just aren’t ready for that at this point; there is too much construction remaining.

Number two: a lot of folks want to know when a good time would be to come in with children. I love, love, LOVE having kiddos in here on the games, but if you’re a parent you might drop me a line before coming in with your little ones. This in-between phase, where I am open technically but not fully, makes for sort of a mess in the shop. There are tools about, unfinished/partial games/and lots of other junky items around…I just don’t want any little hands getting hurt. If you have an interested pin-child in your brood, do email me about setting up a time to bring them in and I’ll be as flexible as I can in accommodating you. What I want to avoid is having a bunch of adult pin-players in and having your li’l darlings grabbing something that’ll hurt them. Once my side room is ready to go, it’ll be games only in the space, and all my ephemera locked tight next door. PLEASE, if you’re hoping to come in with a rug-rat, get in touch with me to set something up! Down the road, I’m hoping to set up events specifically geared toward providing pin-tertainment for youngins, but that’s a few months away.

Thanks again to the burgeoning pinball community here in LA! C’mon by this week, and as always, feel free to hit me up with any questions!

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