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Howdy folks! Just wanted to update the hours for this weekend. I’ll be manning the battlestation Thursday June 7, 6p to midnight and Saturday June 9, 6p to midnight. I’m also going to be in Sunday a bit earlier in the day (10a to 3p) if that appeals to anyone; eventually Sunday mornings and early afternoons will become Pinball Church at Pins and Needles. We aren’t quite ready yet, of course. But a lot of fabulous pinball locations have had success with the Sundayball, and I’d like to try my hand at it. Pinning ain’t sinning!

This was a pretty big week for pinball at large. Jersey Jack Pinball unveiled their Wizard of Oz pinball machine with great fanfare over at E3 (though my invitation to try it was sadly lost in the mail). JJP is the first competition challenging Stern, who has been the sole pin manufacturer for quite some time. Some might say too long! WOz is, without a doubt, very eye-catching and feature-packed. It’s probably going to be a minute ’til I get my hands on one but regardless it’s exciting that someone finally stepped up and produced a game! In response, Stern has released images of THEIR latest effort: X-Men. It sure has some big toys on it! It’s been well over a decade since two manufacturers released games in one week, and PNN is pleased at punch to see the pin-market getting a little shake-up.

Thanks for all the support! Do come enjoy a bit of a flip this weekend, won’t you?

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