PNN Tourney Info & weekly hours

Howdy friends!

Rain! Very good for the land, but pretty rough for the pinballin’. Tonight (Thursday) the hours are TBD. I’d love to do the 8p to midnight, but with all those electronics I can’t safely open up if it’s too wet.

Thurs TBD (text/email before coming by)
Friday 6p-midnight TOURNEY AT 8p sharp! It’s is Barry Oursler fundraiser night, so 100% of our proceeds will be donated to the Oursler family and their medical bill situation.
Saturday 8p-midnight (weather permitting)

There’s also a second Barry Oursler event happening this weekend, just popped up! It’s out at Lake Alice Trading Company in Riverside and this event is being run by Damien Charlety. Match play, $20 buy in. Sign in by at eleven am, tourney starts at 11:30. Folks, this weekend we need to have our fundraising hats on! So if you can get to PNN Friday or Lake Alice Sunday you’re doing the hobby a great service helping out one of our most celebrated designers. Have fun giving back!

Lots of good pinball happenings these days! Thank yo as always for your support. Now everyone go flip it up!


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