PNN – Pins and Plans ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Howdy do, pin buds! Hope you’re enjoying the heat! Just kidding, this sucks.

So we’re closing up! Don’t get too excited though 😉 as it’s just to prepare for Bedrocktoberfest this coming weekend. Once again Pins and Needles will host some magic and music, and it’s a lot of fun so you should think about coming over to rock out and have a flip.

I’m also going to be closed the following week for some rearranging. I’m going to work with Bedrock to get Pins and Needles opened up on a daily basis, from 6p-midnight. That’s good for you because yay more pinball! That’s good for me because yay I can get a break from my damn cell phone. Guys I only like doing pinball stuff; I HATE being on the phone and sitting around emailing…I’m horrible at those things. If we’re open daily then I can spend less time seeming really bitchy on the phone! Haha

I’m having some storage problems! I’m hoarding too many games so I’m going to get rid of a few from the shop and also several from my storage units. Any interested parties can HMU at

Thank you everyone & I hope to see you when we do Reopening #37 on the 28th of September :)

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