PNN LIMITED HOURS THIS WEEK! Also new Pinball Museum news!

Folks! It’s California Extreme time! Can you feel the excitement? Hoo boy.

Anyway, Pins and Needles is only open the following hours this week:

Tuesday 8p to midnight
Thursday 8p to midnight

Thanks for understanding. Sorry to those disappointed with the schedule, there are plenty of places you can get your pinball fix! I had a guy call me yesterday expressly to say that my schedule sucks and that for HIM it’d be better for me to be open all day and night every day and night. Well, y’all, I run Pins and Needles myself in my spare time, as I’ve been doing on a volunteer basis for over three years. If you have a problem with how I’m doing it, a touch of constructive criticism my way will get you some consideration, while blatant rudeness will not. PNN is just my way of offering a public option for enjoying pinball, and I do it my way. The number of quarters coming in means nothing to me, as it will never even scratch the surface of covering maintenance and my labor, that’s why so many of the games are on free play…I just want folks to enjoy the games. Folks come in and either get it and enjoy their flips, or they scoot right out, no skin off my teeth either way. No need to be rude, if it’s not your thing! Thank you again.

Now, exciting news! Right here in Southern California, we have some gentlemen trying to open a 500 game pinball museum! Today they launched a Kickstarter to back the restoration of a building out in Banning; they already have the games, too. Imagine having a place like that within just a couple of hours! Link:


See you soon!



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6 comments on “PNN LIMITED HOURS THIS WEEK! Also new Pinball Museum news!
  1. gene x says:

    Hey Molly, so glad you’re doing your thing down there and can’t wait to finally make a visit next time I’m in LA! Also will you be at CAX? I’d love to interview you for Pinball Soul if so! Let me know :)

    • molly says:

      Yes, I never miss CaEx! A bunch of us are going up, very excited. I’m not sure how many folks want to listen to me go blabbing about pinball at this point, but I’m game to chat nonetheless. No softball questions! Bring your hardest hitting stuff!

  2. Jonathan Appelhans says:

    I just found your place, and I can’t wait to come and play!! I have always been so geared to wait to go to places like the Hall of Fame and The Annex (at The Riviera) in Vegas, San Fran, wherever I go, really. I hardly ever think there’s something like that here in my own backyard! Silly, I know. I guess in the rush of the day-to-day, it just kept flying by me.
    I get it that you run it as a labor of love, so I can’t complain about the hours. I’m sure it will be worth the wait! Thanks for having the place. I hope to become a regular!
    See you guys soon,
    Jonathan Appelhans

    • molly says:

      Thank you for your kind words! C’mon by any time you can, we always love to entertain and welcome a new fellow pinhead!

  3. Sommer says:

    Bummer! I was planning on coming down with a group of friends for my birthday! Can you suggest somewhere else? Thanks!

    • molly says:

      Sorry! Happy birthday! I’ve heard Family Arcade has been keeping their pins in better shape, over on Vermont. The Down n Out downtown has three or four going at a time, and Pinz in the valley has several clean games running too. I could also likely be strongarmed into coming in here Monday night upon my return if that interests anyone.

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