PNN is closed Thurs/Sun this weekend!

Fri/Sat only this week, 6p to midnight!

Everyone be cool. Thank you.

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4 comments on “PNN is closed Thurs/Sun this weekend!
  1. Roshan says:

    I called them once today too babe and left a msegase with no response. I’ll be calling at least 5 times tomorrow and even more the next day until I get a response. I’m obviously sitting on the same pins and needles.

  2. it best, "It is unnecessary to reinvent the wheel here; the subject has been thoroughly reviewed and no new legal argument on this issue has been offered here."

  3. You don’t make sense, waqas. You keep stating ‘reasons’ without giving any. The government is made of ‘us’ pakistanis. The institutions are made of the same pakistanis. Corruption is in every layer of our society, not just the higher ups. Intolerance is in every layer. As is incompetency.How can you sweep out a problem when you don’t know what it is, and where it comes from? No surgeon cuts up a patient without knowing whether he has a heart problem, appendicitis, or a broken arm.

  4. http://www./ says:

    Devenue dépendante en moins de 2 minutes…!Vraiment BRAVO pour tout ce travail… d’une grande qualité, digne des plus grands dessinateurs et humoristes… A la fois grave et léger, accessible et subtil… Bref, beaucoup d’admiration qui ne sait pas bien comment s’exprimer se cache derrière ces mots en apparence un peu creux…J’espère sincèrement que vous arrivez (arriverez?) à en vivre… et tout au moins, que vous allez continuer!A très vite, sûrement.

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