PNN hours this week July 9-14

Well first off, I want to thank everyone for coming in this weekend! What a blast! Tons of new faces in the mix, I love it! LA’s reputation as a non-pinball town is draining fast; soon we’ll be recognized as more of a silverball city than a silver screen kinda town.

I took a couple of machines over to a benefit show at the Echoplex this weekend, which was also a great success. It’s one thing to watch the reaction of a crowd who comes to Pins and Needles actively searching out a pinball fix. It’s another side of the token altogether to take machines out into the non-pinball world. But folks ate it up! The machines looked really nice at a rock and roll venue, old school, and people lined right up for some Jack*Bot and Rollergames, the proceeds of which went to our good buddy Marshall Vore and his busted leg.

Now onto the hours this week:

Tuesday, as always, is League Night. League play eats up most of the tables, but there are always a few left over for non-Leaguers too. From 7-9 it stays pretty quiet, so everything is open; if you aren’t in the League and you want to come in, come early; shop’s open from 7p to midnight.
Thursday, the quiet night, we’re open 7-midnight. Thursdays are the best night to come in if you’re looking to play a lot rather than “see the scene”.
Friday 7-midnight
Saturday 7-midnight
Sunday I can usually be talked into coming in, hit me up!

There you pinheads have it!

One last note: I’m getting a ton of inquiries about private events. Sorry, I’m not yet booking private parties, not until our new electrical engineer comes in and does his thing. Then we can finally get some paint on the walls and shape up the shop to make it the party location of your dreams. Thanks for your patience; hope to see you flippers soon!

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