PNN hours of the week and our new League Season starts!

Howdy pinball fanatics!

I have a little song about this week’s pinball schedule and it goes a little something like this:

Tuesday 7p-midnight (League night, very crowded, doo dee doo)

Thursday 7p-midnight (always quiet, good for practicing or mellow dates, wah wah)

Friday 7p-midnight (sometimes crowded; sometimes just me, doo dee doo)

Saturday 7p-midnight (c’mon out LA, doo dee doo, wah wah)

ALSO, we are starting LAPL Season 9 this week, feel free to write for details. Lots of people say “oh, I’m not good enough” but remember, we have a novice division; you can join up and have a blast even if you have never touched a pinball machine in your life. We sure have a lot of fun in there, flipping it up, social butterflies and veteran nerdos alike.

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One comment on “PNN hours of the week and our new League Season starts!
  1. Robstar says:

    Thursday is also great for watching someone rack up an insane score on White Water (just sayin’)…

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