PNN hours for the week

Tuesday I’m in at 8p to midnight, League night!
Thursday I’m going to be camping, no pinball, enjoy the holiday!
Friday TBD – write if you’d like to come in, and if there’s interest I’m happy to open up.
Saturday 8p to midnight.

It’s private event season, so please make sure to check the schedule before you come to play pinball! I hate to turn folks away at the door, so feel free to write me to confirm hours.

Thanks a lot for all the support! I have a whole pile of mails from people apologizing r asking me about games, haha, that’s not where I was going with m’post last week. I’m just trying to keep it fun in there, and having people in the shop screeching about how it sucks that I don’t have the medieval madness like their frat house did sorta bums me out. If someone wants a fancier arcade, I’d rather they get the ball rolling than just give me a hard time!

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