Pins & Needles hours this week (June 10-16) & League News

Pinheads! Another fine week of pinball is upon us. I’m going to be in the shop this week a few nights for those of you that might be interested. Tuesday & Thursday 6p-10p, Saturday & Sunday 6p-midnight. Same as it’s been…I’m not really “open” (haven’t heard from the construction crew in over a week). At the moment Pins and Needles is a place for people dyin’ to get their hands on some pinball more than it is a nice cool place to hang out!

A player by the handle of CEN snuck in and beat my Tron score last week! CEN, ya gotta come back in; I gave you a new score to beat!

In LEAGUE NEWS, while I’m hesitant to nail down a start date with this construction pending, I’m also feeling like we should just pull the trigger so as not to lose motivation. Thereby, if no major obstacles rear their ugly heads, I’m lookin’ at Tuesday June 26 to begin the LAPL Season Eight. Any input is welcome, and any questions can be directed to As always, I’d love to have any help I can get in terms of “running the league”; I do it because I love pinball, not because I’m good at “league stuff”. Truthfully I’d love for an interested pinball knight in shining armor to step up and say “Molly! Let ME run League for you!” but I’m a few years in now…haha, still waiting. Someone ring up ol’ Dan Cerny!

Okey doke. I have some soldering to do. See ya this week, pin-chums!


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One comment on “Pins & Needles hours this week (June 10-16) & League News
  1. Hey Molly,
    Would love to come back in and beat that Tron score, but now we are back in the Pacific Northwest!

    Next time I’m down in the LA Area, I’ll be sure to come down to beat it! 😉

    Chase E. Nunes


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