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Howdy there folks! Hope things are going well. Over here in LA Pinball World there’s a lot happening, so let’s catch up!

First off I’d like to congratulate our Los Angeles Pinball League Season 16 winners! Season 16 was one of the best seasons yet, thanks very much to everyone who participated.

A Division:
1st – Dan Cerny
2nd – Mike Gin
3rd – Robert Juster
4th – Renee Reizman

B Division:
1st – Kyle “Powerhause” Hause
2nd – Joe Price
3rd – Dave Cole
4th – Talllllllllls!

Good job there, fellas and ladies! Also a big thanks to Juster for providing us with the lovely trophies again.

We will be holding a fundraiser for legendary pinball designer Barry Oursler and his wife on February 7th. Mr. Oursler has fallen upon some tough times health-wise, so we’re going to help him out with some medical bills, as he’s contributed so much to our beloved hobby. Feb 7 MATCH PLAY tourney, 8pm start time, $20 buy-in. 50% of your entry and all coin drop go to Barry, the other 50% of entry goes to the prize pool, we keep nothing. We’re gathering some raffle items too, for those who might care to contribute but can’t play. Email for more info or to reserve a spot; we don’t currently have a cap, but we might have to put one on if our numbers outgrow the limited space. Full WPPRs will be awarded, thanks to Josh Sharpe and the IFPA for supporting the cause! Keith Elwin is going to come up and run it, too. Thank you KME.

Other shop news! Guys and gals, as most of you know, I’m working on opening this barcade downtown called 82. Classic gaming (pinball and video) in swingin’ swanky digs downtown, plus liquor and craft beer? Yes, please! It’s my dream job, and it’s right around the corner. Most excellent! Now, folks are wondering, does this mean the end of PNN? No, in the long run it does not; I plan on keeping both going. However there is going to be a transition phase; many of the PNN titles we’ve all come to enjoy will be moving down to 82, and I will be working through games I have in storage and picking up a few new titles to fill in the holes at PNN. I’d like to think the transition will be seamless and smooth but…it won’t be. Pinballs are a pain to move & rehab! So it’ll take me some time.

Thereby, if you want to enjoy PNN as it’s been for the past year or so, you’d best do it quick! Things are about to go upside down in there, and as the whole endeavor is just an evolving experiment, I can’t quite say where we’ll end up…I just know it’ll be different. If you’ve never been in, tonight-through-mid-February will be your only chance. I’m going to go dark at PNN for a couple of weeks and while I’m fully certain I’ll get ‘er back up to speed, I’m NOT sure when or how. It’s not an easy time for me, so the more patience you pinheads offer me, the more quarters I’ll slip into your pocket in the future :)

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the support I’ve gotten from you dear Angelenos over the past few years! The road was a little bumpy, but for four years now we’ve weathered the storm and I got to live my dream of providing a little public-access pinball in a town that didn’t have many spots to play. As the hobby burgeons and continues to grow in popularity, I hope the option to play publicly expands with it, and I aim to keep working to make it a reality. Last Sunday my buddy Danny and I took to the streets armed with a frightful number of quarters, and we dropped every single coin into location games. It was an absolute blast, and it was great to see the care local operators are putting into their games.

HOURS THIS WEEK: Tuesday Thursday Friday Saturday 8p-midnight, as always. (Kevin I will TRY for some Sunday hours; if I can’t do it this week I promise I’ll squeeze in some weekend daytime hours for ya next weekend!) IN CASE OF RAIN I HAVE TO CLOSE UP! SO IF THE WEATHER IS BAD TEXT AHEAD!!!)

Thanks folks! Keep flipping!

-Raggedy Hippie

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  1. Evil Tim says:

    Looking forward to daytime hours :)

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