Hiya folks! Lots of great pinball news in town, golly! What a time!

I took a little break to get married & go on a honeymoon and am just returning this week; Justin has been holding the fort down for us & great thanks to him for doing so.

The hours this week are Thurs Fri Sat 6p to midnight & Sun noon 2p to 6p.

Again a reminder! Pins and Needles is a small garage with old pinball machines inside ONLY. Just a lil wee place. The games are either free, a quarter, or maybe 50 cents…there’s nothing else there & that will not change! If you are looking for an arcade or barcade PLEASE, just pass us on by. Or if you’re a big yelper type lol PLEASE just do us all a solid and don’t waste anyone’s time :) This is not a servicey fancy joint, it’s a small pet project and certainly not for everyone! Thank you for understanding :)

Once I’m back we will get back to the women’s league and a fuller schedule. Some real boss ladies have been in touch lately about playing pinball and it seems like something cool will come of it on those Wednesdays we discussed! Stand by for more details on that & get in touch if you’re interested!


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  1. Tom Feinberg says:

    Happy to hear you got married, good luck.

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