Pinball Schedule!

So here’s the score this week, dudes and dudettes:

Tuesday – 8p to midnight. We have a new League season starting and Tuesdays are going to be terribly crowded for a while! I should probably just close up on Tuesdays but for now just be aware that it’ll be hard to get to games from about 9-11p. Still, it’s fun to see that many people playing pinball, so it might be worth checking out.

Thursday – 8p to midnight. It got crowded last week, it’s usually pretty dead on Thursdays! Good times.

Friday – 8p to midnight. (I turn 35 at midnight that night)

Saturday – CLOSED! I am going to have a birthday party in here. If for some reason Saturday is the only night you can make it (as in, you’re traveling through town or something) you can come by and play a game or two, but the shop isn’t “open” open. Do not bring a bunch of your friends by to check it out, please. I don’t read yelp anymore, but a couple years ago some lady put up this nasty review about how “everyone was too chummy” at PNN and “there were too many hipsters with their cool little red cup drinks” and it was no biggie but also…I MEAN, she had crashed my birthday party. My friends and I were drinking some beer at my party, and this dimwit ignores all the closed signs and proceeds to write out some crap review, haha. Too much! If you come by Saturday just understand you’re at a private birthday party and don’t make fun of me and my friends for being chummy!

Got a Monaco from a nice guy over in Westchester, come see it! Still working on the Fathom, darn thing, but I hope to bring Future Spa back into the mix in the meantime. I am actually out of space for games for a change, and it seems everything is up an running. Just in time for LAPL Season 14!

Thanks, folks. Keep flippin’!

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  1. Liz Sati says:

    LOL! That Yelp review was one of the reasons I started coming there. My reaction was “awesome.” haha! Thank you for sharing your machines! :)

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