Pinball, pinball, pinball!

Hooooooooooooo, lots of pinball goin’ on these days! I spent Saturday out in Riverside working at a fun tourney called It Never Drains in SoCal put on by Jim Belsito and Karl DeAngelo, tons of fun! Congrats to Cayle George who flew in from Seattle and took top prize, heck of a guy.

Now that I’m back, it seems everyone in town wants to flip it up! So here’s when I’ll be in this week:

Tues: 8p to midnight
Thurs: 8p to midnight
Fri: 8p to midnight
Saturday: 8p to midnight

Tuesdays are real busy! The rest is pretty hit-or-miss; Thursdays are usually the slowest but last week it was a party party party.

Email pinsandneedlesla@gmail with questions! Parties are booking up fast too.

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