Pinball pinball pinball, it never stops

Hours this week:

Thursday 9/26 8p to midnight
Friday 9/27 8p to midnight
Saturday 9/28 8p to midnight

Can’t do any day hours this weekend, sorry! Too busy right now and I’m going up north Sunday morning.

I’ve been getting a lot of calls again about whether or not I serve booze. Folks, I think it should be pretty obvious that I do not have a bar or serve booze. So for those of you who call me names and hang up over it, just realize that I did not EVER put my cell phone number on the Internet, and that you’re just being sort of a boozy lunatic jerk. Pinball machines only, friends. PNN just has the games. Not in a pretty setting either.

Last week a lady came in and called me a bitch when I told her I didn’t have any bowling lanes. People who “really know their stuff” call me a bitch because my place isn’t as nice as Ground Kontrol in Portland. People call me a bitch because I don’t have Addams Family! People call me a bitch because I don’t have an $80K liquor license. You guys, if you’re going to resort to name calling, get to know me first and know that I AM actually a real bitch so the name-calling on the phone is silly, inconsequential, and perhaps even indicative that YOU TOO might be a bitch. Mini rant!

Thanks kiddos, flippity flip!


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One comment on “Pinball pinball pinball, it never stops
  1. kent says:

    to hell with the haters. i love you molly!

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