Pinball hours this week (Dec 2-Dec 8)

Hello, hello! Here is your PNN weekly schedule:

Tuesday – 8p to midnight (League night but any and all are welcome)
Thursday – 8p to midnight (often quiet, sometimes I go home early)
Friday – 8p to midnight
Saturday – 12noon to 5p, open for Bitchcraft Trading Post Bazaar at Bedrock (should be very cool and fun, a pre-holiday shopping event, all are welcome) & 8p to midnight

No, I do not have a cigarette vending machine and no, PNN is not a BYOB establishment. The woman who wrote that on Yelp apparently doesn’t realize that those are Bedrock items, not Pins and Needles…nor does she realize how damaging it is to write things like that when they aren’t true. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Thanks, lady!

Do NOT come to PNN carting booze, in search of cigarettes. I just have my pinballs there, that’s it, a private pinball collection. No bar, no booze slinging, no cigarettes.

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