Pinball hours for the week–

Hey there folks! Here are the hours this week:

Tuesday 8p to midnight (League night, crowded, good night t meet the local pin-stars)
Thursday 8p to midnight (usually pretty quiet, great night for casual play and practice)
Friday 8p to midnight (hit or miss! Sometimes crowded, sometimes it’s just me in here!)
Saturday 8p to midnight (who doesn’t love a good Saturday flip?)

I can’t do the Saturday daytime hours is week as I’m going to be at a wedding, but come bug Danny Saturday night!

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3 comments on “Pinball hours for the week–
  1. nancy says:

    First time ill be here gonna have fun bringing thw bf

  2. first time over last sat nite…
    excellent…great machines, great ambience…
    love the papa trophy…

  3. Natalie says:

    Had such a great time playing the games!!! That ms PAC man machine is about to be my fav spot in LA

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