Pinball hours at PNN


Thursday 8p to midnight
Friday 8p to midnight
Saturday 8p to midnight


I’m getting a ton of emails about holiday party rentals, the spaces for which are extremely limited. I don’t really plan on closing up shop much to accommodate private events, and I don’t really care how much money is offered, or what kind of exposure is promised…that’s not what keeps Pins and Needles operating. My shop is there for one reason: to give the public a space to walk up and enjoy games. I lose that when I close up for private events, and instead end up in a roomful of beautiful old pinball games that, at the party, just become drink-holders. I’m not there as a cheap option for your holiday affair; I’m there so that the few folks still interested in finding an old pinball game can do so.

I turn down most parties and film projects. It seems to really anger some of you, but it ain’t changing! Thanks for understanding! There are plenty of better options for arcade rentals around anyway.

Thank you

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4 comments on “Pinball hours at PNN
  1. ryan says:

    Is the volume on Metallica cranked super loud?

  2. Molls says:

    We keep it at a pretty moderate volume for shop hours, but tend to crank it up pretty loud past closing time.

  3. Billy V says:

    That is one of the coolest blog posts I have ever read! Glad to know that some people still can’t be bought. BRAVO!

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