Pinball and More Pinball — Sunday added to the schedule!

Hey there chums, thanks for checking in!

Hours this week:
Thursday 8p to midnight
Friday 8p to midnight
Saturday 8p to midnight
AND Sunday 6p to 10p

Last week I said maybe I’d open Sunday but the response seemed tepid, until of course five minutes after I made other plans…then the “please be opens” flew right in! So this week it’s a go.

One note: sorry, Jack*Bot fans, but that ol’ girl is heading to greener pastures down south. If you want to play Jack*Bot you have to do it prior to Sunday, when she returns to her rightful (and generous!) owner. Does this mean there’s a Fathom coming? Yes, yes it does.

Had a lot of people call this week asking what I serve at my bar. Dudes! I do not have a bar! It’s JUST PINBALL MACHINES. IN A GARAGE. If you need a bar, they’re pretty easy to find :) Thanks!!

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4 comments on “Pinball and More Pinball — Sunday added to the schedule!
  1. Jay says:

    “…no bar, but you’re more than welcome to relax in the FUTURE SPA.”

  2. Evil Tim says:

    Cool you have a Bar now! (JK) I will do my best to make it Sunday night. I need my Pinball fix. :)

  3. Ashley says:

    Sunday!! I’m pumped! I’ll be there fo’ sho’

  4. Evil Tim says:

    I won’t be able to make it tonight. I don’t have a ride and the Metro bus by my home stops running early on Sunday night. I would have to leave P&N at 6:30pm just to make it home. :( Hopefully P&N will be open on a Saturday afternoon in the future. :)

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